Shadow Systems takes the dependable foundation of Glock and transcends it.

Imagine receiving a firearm not just ready to perform but optimized for excellence straight from the box. With Shadow Systems, there’s no need for the aftermarket chase; it’s all there — the precision-engineered barrels, the responsive triggers, a testament to their Glock-part heritage.

The AimHi Selection: From Compact to Commanding

AimHi Family Firearms Center carries the core of Shadow Systems’ innovation: the CR920, MR920, DR920 and XR920, each with its unique strengths and variations, with available 9mm models from the Elite and Foundation series. We also offer compatible compensators for an extra edge in control and accuracy, taming recoil and muzzle rise. Compensators allow for rapid follow-up shots with decreased movement, ensuring accuracy isn’t a casualty of speed. For both novice and experienced shooters, a compensator can mean tighter groupings and a smoother shooting experience.

Differences Between the Foundation and Elite Series

Aimed at users seeking high-performance and customizable features, the Shadow Systems Elite series is ideal for enthusiasts, competitive shooters and professionals requiring advanced capabilities. The Elite series features slides with enhanced serrations, window cuts for weight reduction and a proprietary optic cut to accommodate a wide range of red dot sights. Many of AimHi’s Shadow Systems handguns come equipped with a Holosun optic and are also compatible with a variety of leading optics, including Leupold, Shield, SIG, Swampfox, Trijicon, TruGlo and Vortex.

Both series utilize a match-grade barrel, offering tighter tolerances and a higher level of accuracy compared to a rack-grade barrel. The Elite series models usually have a more refined and tactical aesthetic, with attention to detail in the finish and overall appearance.

Other the hand, the Foundation series is designed for users seeking reliable, functional firearms at a more accessible price point. Suitable for everyday carry, self-defense and general use, the Foundation series models have a more basic slide design compared to the Elite series, focusing on functionality and reliability without the enhanced cosmetic features. For those considering a Glock MOS, the Foundation series offers more for the money right out of the box.

Each Shadow Systems handgun comes with two Magpul magazines and is protected by the company’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Let’s take a look at the different frames available from Shadow Systems.

CR Frame (Carry Role)

Shadow Systems CR920 Elite
CR920 Elite

Shadow Systems’ CR frame is typically more compact, making it ideal for concealed carry. It has a slightly lower, 13+1 capacity compared to full-size frames but still adequate for self-defense scenarios. The primary focus of the CR frame is on concealability. This includes a shorter grip to minimize printing when carried concealed.

MR Frame (Multiple Role)

Shadow Systems MR920 Elite
MR920 Elite

This 15+1 capacity 9mm is versatile, perfect for duty, everyday carry and home defense. It’s compact yet highly functional.

DR Frame (Duty Role)

Shadow Systems DR920L Elite
DR920L Elite

The DR frame is 17+1 capacity full-size pistol, designed for law enforcement and suitable for those with larger hands or a preference or higher capacity and longer sight radius.

XR Frame (Extended Range or Full-Size Role)

Shadow Systems XR920 Foundation
XR920 Foundation

The XR frame is a full-size frame and offers a 17+1 magazine capacity. This makes it well-suited for duty use, competition or home defense where the size of the firearm is less of a concern. XR frames are designed to provide a more comfortable and stable grip for extended shooting sessions and can accommodate users with larger hands more comfortably. Due to its size, the XR frame offers better recoil management and stability, making it easier to maintain accuracy over longer shooting distances or during rapid fire.

How AimHi Can Help

AimHi Family Firearms Center offers a wide selection of Shadow Systems handguns, with the Elite and Foundation series catering to a diverse range of needs and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter seeking the advanced features and customization of the Elite series, or someone looking for a reliable and functional firearm from the Foundation series for everyday use and self-defense, AimHi has you covered.

Our knowledgeable staff are always ready to guide you through the nuances of each model, ensuring you find a Shadow Systems firearm suited for your needs. Visit our online shop, stop by the range or contact us today to learn more about our inventory!