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Of course we hope you will give us a chance to sell you the gun you are looking for, but if by chance you bought a gun from a dealer in another state, or online, and you need to have it transferred to Ohio for you to pick up,  we have you covered. Simply complete the form here and when the gun arrives we will give you a call. It’s that easy!

Once the gun arrives, we will have you come in to complete the necessary paperwork. Please make sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID with your current residential address on it. If you have any questions regarding your ID, give us a call at 614-939-4867.

We charge a $65 fee for transfers ($100 for NFA transfers). We will call you when the gun is in our system and ready to go.  If you’ve received a delivery confirmation from UPS or FedEx, please understand it may not be in our system yet.

Need us to send a copy of our FFL to the seller? Click below

NOTE: Firearms not transferred within 6 months of the date received may, at the complete discretion of AimHi, be sold for storage fees if prior arrangements have not been made.