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It is our goal to have a completely safe range for you to enjoy every visit.

If you observe a violation of these range rules, please bring it to the attention of any staff member and we will take corrective action. Please note that you must watch a range orientation video before entering a range. Thank you from the Staff and Management! 

1. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times while on the range.

2. Always keep firearms unloaded and keep your finger off the trigger until you are in the booth and ready to shoot.

3. Do not lay a firearm down on the bench unless it is unloaded and the action is left open. If you have a jammed or malfunctioning firearm only then may you lay the gun down on the bench with the barrel pointed downrange. Then ask range personnel for assistance.

4. Do not load firearms behind the firing line. You may load magazines behind the firing line but no firearm.

5. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm. Do not hand a loaded firearm to another person.

6. All firearms not on the firing line must be unloaded, in their cases and in your shooting stall, not on the window ledge.

7. Be sure your firearm is safe to operate, and know how to use it safely.

8. Commands issued by range staff must be followed immediately. When the command CEASE FIRE is given: STOP SHOOTING immediately and REMOVE your finger from the trigger; keep the gun POINTED down range; WAIT for further instructions from range personnel.

9. When finished firing, unload & case your gun before leaving the shooting point.

10. Tracer, armor piercing, steel (case or projectile), military surplus and unjacketed ammo is not allowed on the range.

11. All shooters under the age of 21 (for handguns), and 18 (for long guns), must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian at all times on the range.

12. No one under, or suspected of being under, the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed on the range.

13. Three people maximum are allowed per lane—with only two allowed on the range at a time.

14. No one is permitted forward of the firing line (in front of lane shelves) at any time

15. Only regulation paper targets may be used on the range. Non-paper targets must be purchased from the range. We reserve the right to prohibit targets we deem offensive. Home- made targets are not allowed on the range.

16. Use the appropriate size target, placed at eye level, to ensure that your shot strikes the backstop and not the floor, ceiling, or target.

17. Rifle/Shotgun shooters must use a large silhouette target to avoid damage to the carriers. Smaller targets may be pasted to the silhouette.

18. Shooting at anything other than your own target is prohibited and will subject you to removal from the range.

19. Always wash your face and hands immediately after shooting your firearm. Sinks are located in the restrooms for your use.

20. Pregnant women, food, tobacco, and beverages, are not allowed on the range due to possible exposure to lead.

21. There is no drawing from holsters without meeting AimHi guidelines and approval from the Range Officer.

22. Only Members of the AimHi are permitted to use automatic firearms on the ranges without prior permission.

23. First-time visitors who do not have their own firearm and are shooting alone are not permitted to rent firearms.

24. PLEASE HELP KEEP THE SHOOTING SPORTS SAFE — Report all violations of range rules to the range check- in desk. THERE IS NO SAFETY OFFICER ON DUTY INSIDE THE RANGE! All Shooters are expected to know, adhere to, and help enforce range rules.

25. Professional Instructors, or those persons being paid to instruct others may NOT instruct on the premises without prior permission from AimHi management.

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