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Don’t be misled by other sites–who provide instruction on a part-time basis as supplemental income and where you end up shooting behind someone’s barn out in the country.  We train thousands each year with one on one coaching designed especially for those who are new to shooting, those who may need a refresher and those who may need a little extra help getting comfortable with firearms.  And, we do it all in the comfort of our heated/air-conditioned INDOOR ranges and classrooms. No sitting in a small, stuffy classroom or shooting in the cold, rain or scorching heat when you train with us.

Our facilities are fully handicapped accessible! 

Carry Fundamentals

Looking to take advantage of Ohio’s Constitutional Carry law? This class will help you do so in a safe and legal manner!

Concealed Carry

This 8-hour course meets the Ohio Revised Code standard for concealed carry training


This class in conjunction with your 6 hour online training meets Ohio law for concealed carry training

Ladies First Shots

Designed especially for first time female shooters, this is a ladies-only handgun class

First Shots

Designed for first-time shooters to learn safety, handling, and marksmanship basics

Second Shots

Our Second Shots centerfire class is a follow-up to our First Shots Class, in order to progress towards Ohio Concealed Carry

Third Shots

The class you’ll need to get last two hours of training to be able to apply for your Ohio CCW License

Defensive Handgun 1

The first stage of your advanced training to become more confident and proficient with your shooting skills

Defensive Handgun 2

Build on the skills from Defensive Handgun 1 to move further down the pathway to confidence

Defensive Handgun 3

The third class in a series of great classes to help shooters discover the skills necessary for proficiency

Intro to AR-15

Designed to give you a basic understanding of the world’s most popular and versatile rifle

Teens On Target

This just for teens class is designed to give teenagers the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to understand firearm safety

Private Classes

We are happy to offer any of our regularly scheduled classes in a private format for any type of group event

OPOTA Training

AimHi Private Security Academy OPOTA firearms training here

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