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Are AimHi instructors experienced full time professional firearms trainers?
You receive your instruction from professional instructors whose full time job is firearms training. We do not employ part time instructors who teach as a side job or whose only background in firearms is law enforcement or military. While our instructors have military, law enforcement and private security backgrounds, they specialize in and are experienced in the civilian side of firearms defense.

Our training staff has trained thousands of civilians in the Ohio Concealed Carry certification course as well as more advanced Defensive Firearms courses.

I have no prior experience with guns. Will I be at a disadvantage with more experienced students taking the class?
We keep our classes small and adequately staffed so that you get the personal attention you need from our certified instructors – both in the classroom and on the range. In the classroom this insures an environment where learning is an enjoyable experience for each of our students. This also allows us to make certain student time on the shooting range is well managed, safe and not over crowded with people new to shooting and firearm safety.

Do I have to bring my own gun and ammunition?
We provide and have you shoot a variety of quality handguns and ammunition in the most appropriate, defensive calibers such as 9MM, 45 ACP, 38SPL, and .357 Magnum. This ensures you get the experience of actually shooting guns that you would realistically consider carrying for self-defense. We believe it’s important for you to be secure in the knowledge that you will learn the type and caliber of firearms which will best suit your needs (not shoot only what is cheapest for your training provider).

What must I bring to class with me? Are there additional charges for eye and ear protection, targets, ammunition, gun rentals or range fees?
The only thing you are required to bring is current government issued picture identification (typically your driver’s license). Everything else is provided at no additional charge. This includes pen/paper, targets, ammunition in all calibers, range time and use of six or more handguns. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Will I have to worry about the weather conditions when I’m going to the range?
All our classes are held in our indoor facility, and in the comfort of our heated and cooled ranges located right next to our classroom. We provide a safe, comfortable and fun experience for all of our students, beginner to advanced. We strive to make our students want to come back and continue training and shooting with us for years to come.

Why should I take my class at AimHi?
We take the firearms training we provide to our customers very seriously and we “stake our reputation” on it. The majority of our students are referred to us by former students – and we’re most proud of that. You never have to worry about hidden fees with AimHi. There is no extra charge for eye and ear protection. You don’t pay more to shoot our 9MM, 45ACP, 38SPL. and 357 Magnum handguns. Our price is all inclusive. You shoot in the comfort of our range located right next to our classroom.

I feel very intimidated by the whole idea of shooting guns. What can I expect?
Expect to have fun! Expect to learn a lot (no matter your prior experience or lack thereof). We completely understand the trepidation many people feel when it comes to handling firearms. You will not be treated as a law enforcement cadet or military recruit at AimHi. Our classes are designed for civilians in every walk of life and from every background. We strive for husbands, wives, sons and daughters to all have a great experience they can tell all of their friends about. In fact, we count on it!

I was told by a friend he was able to complete the required course in only 4 hours. Why does it take 8 hours at AimHi?
State law requires 8 hours of training (this does not include lunches or driving time to some far off range to shoot). Individuals have been prosecuted (both instructors and CCW holders) for making false claims regarding their class, certification, etc. Students who attend classes less than 8 hours in length have had their licenses revoked and risk prosecution for falsifying their application. You will never have to worry about your certification when you get your CCW training at AimHi.

I heard you show students shooting in low light. Why would I need to see that?
We believe experiencing the difficulties involved in shooting in low light will better prepare our students in the event of an actual defensive encounter. The majority of real life encounters occur at night in low light conditions. In our class you will learn how to utilize low light tools such as flashlights, night sights and lasers to give you the advantage.

Please note that while the 22 caliber guns (and much cheaper ammunition) provided by some classes may be great for bullseye, shooting galleries and training young children, we believe it is a generally inappropriate caliber for adult self-defense courses.

Since the passage of Concealed Carry in Ohio, there has been a proliferation of firearms “training” business. While there are many reputable training facilities in our state, sadly many of this new “crop” are little more than questionable individuals looking to make a fast buck. They lack the professionalism, training, experience, adequate facilities or staffing to provide a quality product. Many times, the “training” they provide is unfit for civilians, sometimes even unsafe and of questionable legality. In addition, students are often surprised to learn of additional fees while attending class. Before you invest your hard earned money – or even more importantly, your time and trust, please take the time to do a little up front checking.

We hope these questions and concerns which we’ve heard from others and have share with you will give you a head start with your investigation of potential providers – as well informing you as to how we approach these services.

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