Gun classes and training courses are where shooters of all levels hone their skills. Whether you are a new shooter or experienced marksman, a responsible owner is always pushing the limits of their skills and building on their knowledge and experience. And, there is no better way to improve your abilities and qualifications with firearms than by learning from skilled and certified instructors. 

Learn about the different types of gun classes to improve and expand your skills as a shooter. Whether you are new to firearms or a veteran, find out what courses are available that correspond to your experience level. And, see how far your training can go in advanced certification courses for private security and more. 

Types of Gun Classes and Firearms Training for New Gun Owners – 2021

Gun classes and training courses focus on the principles of gun safety and teaching students to be better shooters. When you take a firearms training course, the setting and instruction are vital to the effectiveness of the course, so be wary of non-reputable providers. When you arrive at your first gun class you should feel at ease, comfortable, and guided by experienced and certified firearms instructors.

The same is true for students pursuing advanced firearms courses. The best training facilities offer indoor shooting ranges with heating and air-conditioning, along with specially equipped classrooms that account for all the learning materials you need. And, the training facility you choose should instill, inform, and follow the fundamental rules of gun safety. 

The Fundamental Gun Safety Rules for Every Training Session

No matter where you go to shoot or do training, the fundamental rules of gun safety always apply – without exception. Always be sure that the muzzle is aiming in a safe direction that does not cross the path of anything you don’t want to destroy. Also, your finger stays off the trigger until you are ready to pull it. And, never enter a gun class or training facility with a loaded firearm. Your firearm must be unloaded at all times, unless otherwise allowed, such as the indoor shooting range. 

Types of Gun Training Classes For Each Skill Level

Classes for new shooters in Ohio are not hard to find. But, finding a team of reputable and skilled instructors at a reputable facility is another task. At AimHi, we offer a full range of gun classes for every skill level. 

Concealed Carry Course – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Shooter

In the Ohio concealed carry firearms training course, you learn everything you need to know to safely and legally carry a concealed weapon. Over an 8-hour course, you learn the fundamental safety rules and procedures, along with the essential handgun components and functions. During the classroom portion, you learn the basics of handling ammunition as well as dealing with ammunition malfunctions that are common to handguns and revolvers. 

In the shooting range portion of your course, you learn the fundamentals of how to grip the gun, shooting stance, and managing the sight and trigger to hit your target. Also, the course covers the legal aspects of concealed carry in Ohio, as well as options for concealment and safe handling. Concealed carry gun courses are great for shooters of any skill level, but are essential for new shooters. 

First, Second, and Third Shots / Ladies First Shots – Beginners

At AimHi, our firearms instructors offer gun classes specifically designed for women and new shooters. In a laid-back and intimate setting of 12-students maximum, ladies can learn the fundamentals of handgun safety, usage, and more. And, any first-time shooter can learn the introductory fundamental to gun ownership and usage in the First Shots gun class.  

Your Second Shots training course follows-up the basics you learn in First Shots, and students can apply for an Ohio Concealed Carry Permit after their Third Shots course. Each course is 2-hours, along with a 2-hour online instructional course, equaling the 8-hours you need to apply for an Ohio Concealed Carry (CCW) license. 

Continue to Build on Your Skills in Advanced Classes

Once you have the basic handgun safety fundamentals and operational experience required for your CCW, many shooters decide to broaden their skill sets further by pursuing advanced gun courses. Advanced courses include a three-level defensive handgun course, intro to AR-15’s, and the private security OPOTA academy training.

And, it all starts with your concealed carry class, but how far you decide to go with your training is up to you. No matter your experience level with firearms, your training offers a foundation of knowledge and skill that will protect you and those around you. Learn more about gun classes at AimHi, and get your spot by signing up for a group class or private firearms course, today.