Ohio could potentially be the 22nd state to allow people to carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

Introduced by state senator Terry Johnson alongside 13 co-sponsors and passed by the Senate on Dec. 15, 2021, Senate Bill 215 would eliminate the current requirement of a permit, obtained after eight hours of training, to carry a concealed firearm.

Additionally, gun owners would not have to notify law enforcement of a weapon in their vehicle during a traffic stop. Under the bill, officers are prohibited from detaining, conducting a search or making a seizure of anyone for having a firearm who is otherwise law-abiding.

The bill was introduced to House Dec. 22, 2021, though further hearings have yet to be scheduled.

On the House side, state representatives Thomas E. Brinkman Jr. and Kris Jordan are sponsoring House Bill 227, which passed the House Nov. 17, 2021.

HB 227 would abolish the requirement of a permit to carry a concealed weapon for people 21 and older, unless state or federal law would prohibit the action. Similar to SB 215, HB 227 would also drop the requirement that gun owners notify law enforcement of a weapon in their vehicle during a traffic stop. HB 227 was introduced to the state Senate Nov. 23, 2021 and, like SB 215, has yet to receive a newly scheduled hearing.


Neither bill currently being considered would eliminate the Ohio concealed carry license; they merely remove the requirement to obtain a license in order to carry a concealed handgun. There are still very good reasons to obtain an Ohio concealed carry license.

First, is the training. Carrying a firearm carries with it the responsibility to do so safely, and the first step to doing that is seeking out quality training. Ohio concealed carry training provides a great foundation for that.

Second, is the ability to carry a concealed firearm in other states. An Ohio concealed carry license holder may legally carry their firearm in 38 other states besides Ohio as of this writing; for those who travel, that is a big consideration.

Finally, the ATF recognizes the Ohio concealed carry license as a valid substitute for the NICS background check that is required whenever someone purchases a firearm at a gun store. This makes for a smoother, easier process for concealed carry license holders, and is not an option for those without the license.


AimHi offers an 8-hour course designed for beginning and experienced shooters to help you master the shooting skills and attitudes essential to the safe and efficient use of a concealed carry handgun, for your protection and the protection of others. This course exceeds the requirements as set forth in Ohio’s current CCW legislation. Everything you need to successfully complete the CCW course is provided for you: guns, ammunition, targets, eye and ear protection, safety and legal brochures and books.

We are the only CCW training center in Ohio that provides you with a semi-automatic pistol and a traditional revolver in the classroom to safely practice loading, unloading and the correct fundamentals to shoot accurately before you actually go to the range to shoot live ammunition. All classroom training is done with dummy ammunition so you will be at ease with the firearms when you go to the range to shoot the real thing.

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