This fun and informative class is designed to give you a basic understanding of the world’s most popular and versatile rifle, its history, and a host of other information.

In this class you will cover:

  • AR-15 Safety
  • Introduction to the parts, their functions, and the operation of the AR-15
  • Calibers and configurations available for the AR-15
  • Familiarity with and practical application of AR-15 function, disassembly, and reassembly
  • Cleaning and lubrication of the AR-15
  • Common AR-15 malfunctions and how to clear them quickly and safely
  • Windage, Elevation, and Zeroing the AR-15 at 50, 100, and 250 yards, with a 25-yard target
  • The many optional add on items available for you to customize the AR-15 to fit your personality
  • The class concludes with you shooting and adjusting the windage and elevation of an AR-15 on the range

Everything you need for the class is provided for you including an AR-15 to disassemble, reassemble, and shoot. We also provide targets, ammo, and handouts.

Cost for this class is $99.95 and is limited to 6 students per class.

NOTE: You can bring your own AR15 to use in class or we can provide one at no charge. If you bring your own, please assure that the gun is very clean, especially the receiver area. You will be disassembling the rifle during classroom instruction.