• Where can I legally carry (and more importantly, NOT carry) my firearm?
  • Can I have a loaded handgun in my car? What if I’m stopped by the police?
  • What’s the best holster? What’s the best gun?

We get these questions and more every day of the week. This class will cover everything you need to know in order to safely and legally carry a handgun for self defense in Ohio without obtaining an Ohio Concealed Carry license.

Our trained and certified instructors will teach you the following in the classroom:

  • Fundamental firearm safety
  • How to effectively conceal and carry your firearm
  • The importance and difference between forbidden zones and no-carry signs
  • What to do during an encounter with Law Enforcement

On the range, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice practical shooting drills using your handgun OR ours
  • Learn how to assess a threat
  • Shoot under pressure, using a shot timer
  • Engage a target in low-light

Please note this is NOT a basic handgun class. If you have never shot before, we ask you to take one of our First Shots classes, or the full-length Concealed Carry class; you will not be able to complete this class safely until you do so.

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