The third class in a series of great classes to help shooters discover the skills necessary for proficient practice on the range. This is a more advanced class that spends most of the time shooting on the range. Learn how to draw and shoot accurately while moving, shooting from behind cover, and target sequencing when confronted with multiple targets. Some of these drills will be practiced under low light conditions to stress the importance of training under real-world situations. Techniques for shooting with a tactical flashlight in conjunction with your gun will be discussed and practiced.

Requirements for the class are:

  • Pistol Craft 201 or Defensive Handgun 2
  • Firearm (compact or full-size recommended)
  • Dominant side hip holster
  • At least 2 magazines
  • Magazine pouch
  • At least 150 rounds of ammo
  • Night Sights are recommended
  • Cover garment
  • Tactical Flashlight (Not sure which one? Use one of ours.)