This just for teens class is designed to give teenagers the knowledge, skills, and attitude to understand firearm safety and practice it under the supervision of our expert instructors. This class takes the curiosity and fear of firearms away from your kids and gives them the knowledge of what to do if they are ever around firearms in an unsafe environment.

Students spend approximately one hour in the classroom going over firearm safety and operation. Once they have mastered the safety and handling skills in the classroom, we go over to the range where they will shoot both a 22 caliber semi-auto pistol and a 22 caliber revolver under the expert supervision and coaching of our instructors.

We provide everything the student needs for this class. Paper, pens, guns, ammo, targets, and the good time. Cost is $39.95 per student and is limited to six students per class. You can call us at 614-939-4867 for more information or you can sign up below. Feel free to come and watch them shoot.

Parental / Legal Guardian Permission and Release forms will need to be completed at the start of class or can be downloaded from the website under the tab for Ranges and select Minor Permission Form.

(Please feel free to ask us if your child can take this class if they are not a teenager yet. We can make exceptions.)